1. 27 Mould Automatic Flat Wafer Production LineOur production line takes up a little floor area, and it allows convenient assembly as well as disassembly. As for installation and testing, the configuration is not too complicated, and our machines can be put into production soon after they are installed. If testing is required before production, one week is usually enough. In addition, the transportation cost is affordable, and it is not a great burden to client.
    1. 33 Mould Fully Automatic Wafer Production LineTheir factory is medium sized with a certain amount of capital, and the requirement for production capacity is neither too large nor too small. What they care about the most is whether this product can meet the technical requirement and daily output, and this product can well satisfy these clients.
    1. 39 Mould Fully Automatic Wafer Line MachineThese clients are concentrated on the technical parameters and daily output, and our product is the ideal choice.
      The client doesn't need to worry about the transportation cost because it is quite cheap, and it usually takes one week for our technical staff to finish the testing job in the client's factory, and it won't be longer than 2 weeks.
    1. 45 Mould Automatic Wafer Production LineThe 45 mould automatic wafer production line is suitable for clients that are quite familiar with wafer or wafer production equipment. Their factories are usually medium sized, and they are in charge of some amount of money though the sum is not very large. Meanwhile, they have pretty strict requirement for the production capacity
    1. 51 Mould Fully Automatic Flat Wafer LineFor these clients, our 51 mould type is highly recommended, and its daily production output can reach up to 4.5 tons. At the beginning, the production capacity can be set at 2.0-3.0 tons per 24 hours to observe and check the production condition. Then, the production capacity can be increased depending on the production condition and marketing plan.
    1. 65 Mould Fully Automatic Wafer Production LineDue to the sufficient capital, their major attention is paid to the following two aspects, the first one is whether the production capacity meets the requirement, and the second one is if wafer with custom made shape can be produced. Secondly, the technical parameters are also of great importance, such as the fuel gas consumption rate.
    1. 75 Mould Automatic Wafer Line EquipmentThese companies are very large, and the most important factors are whether the production capacity meets the need, and if our machine can manufacture wafer with custom made shape. Then, a lot of attention is paid to the technical parameters. They must confirm that the output is satisfied, and the production cost is also taken into consideration.

Flat Wafer Production Line

As a professional manufacturer of fully automatic flat wafer production line in China, we can supply 7 models of production lines depending on the mould number which are 27 mould type, 33 mould type, 39 mould type, 45 mould type, 51 mould type, 65 mould type and 75 mould type. Each of these products has one baking oven which is the featured machine, and the mould number of the oven differs from each other. On the other hand, our products share the same supporting machines including ten items, wafer sheet receiver, wafer cooling tower, sheet picking machine, wafer cream spreader, wafer vertical cooling cabinet, wafer sheet conveyor, cutter and laminator, batter mixer, cream mixer, wafer smashing machine.

Production Capacities of Different Models
Mould Number Production Capacity (tons/24 hours)
27 2.0-2.5
33 3.0
39 3.0-3.5
45 4.0-4.5
51 5.0-5.5
65 6.0
75 6.5-7.0

This production line is suitable for making flat wafer including ordinary cream filled wafer, big grid wafer and chocolate wafer. In addition, the waffle can be cut into different sizes according to the customer's need.

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