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Wafer Production Line Manufacturer

Coral Foodstuff Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of fully-automated wafer production lines in China. More specifically, we offer production lines for tasty treats such as flat wafer, soft wafer biscuit, Special-shape wafer biscuit, and chocolate hazelnut ball. Each line consists of multiple sets of equipment including the batter mixer, cream mixer, cooling tower, cooling cabinet, sheet receiver, picking machine, cream spreader, tunnel baking oven, etc.

    1. Flat Wafer Production Line
    2. Flat Wafer Production LineAs a professional manufacturer of fully automatic flat wafer production line in China, we can supply 7 models of production lines depending
    1. Special-shape Wafer Biscuit Production Line
    2. Special-shape Wafer Biscuit Production LineThis Special-shape wafer biscuit production line is 33 mould type, and it is produced according to the actual condition of biscuit manufacturing industry
    1. Soft Wafer Biscuit Production Line
    2. Soft Wafer Biscuit Production LineThis soft wafer biscuit production line is 65 mould type, and it is our self-developed product to meet the market demand of food industry
    1. Chocolate Hazelnut Ball Production Line
    2. Chocolate Hazelnut Ball Production LineOur chocolate hazelnut ball production line is designed and manufactured depending on the special requirement of wafer biscuit, and it is suitable