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Wafer Cream Spreader

Our wafer cream spreader is designed to coat cream on the wafer surface, and the heating device is equipped to the cream tank to maintain the temperature of cream. In addition, 2-3 layers of cream are available if extra cost is paid.

Technical Parameters
1. Materials: GB steel and 304 stainless steel are used to produce the machine frame and shell, respectively.
2. Motor and Reducer: SEW, Germany
3. Frequency converter: Danfoss
4. PLC: Mitsubishi, Japan
5. Size (L×W×H): 2485×1200×1730mm
6. Power: 3.59kW

Related Names
Waffle Cream Coating Machine | Cream Daubing Device for Wafer Sheet | Waffle Cream Smearing Device | Wafer Cream Painting Equipment

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