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45 Mould Automatic Wafer Production Line

The 45 mould automatic wafer production line is suitable for clients that are quite familiar with wafer or wafer production equipment. Their factories are usually medium sized, and they are in charge of some amount of money though the sum is not very large. Meanwhile, they have pretty strict requirement for the production capacity, and the plant is usually quite large which means that the machine size is not a big problem. 39 mould type and 45 mould type are both suitable, and the selection depends on the marketing plan.

Target Clients
1. Medium or small sized factory
2. Experienced client in the wafer production
3. Plant that wants to make wafer for the first time
4. Client that is quite familiar with wafer production machines though has not produced wafer yet

Selection Guide
This wafer production line requires the plant to have considerable space, and the L×W×H should be 60m×8m×(≥3.5m). In addition, the cost, gas source and production capacity also contribute to the product selection.

1. Production capacity: 4.0 tons/24 hours (25 pcs/min)
2. Total power: 42.868kW and the power supply is 380V/50Hz. The total power will be 180kW if electrical heating is applied.
3. Rate of finished product: ≥98%
4. Fuel gas pressure: 0.25-3.5kg/cm2
5. Gas consumption: 23kg/hour for liquefied gas, and 30-33m3/hour for natural gas.
6. Combustion value: 8.4 for liquefied gas, and 4.7 for natural gas.
7. Compressed air consumption and pressure: 0.9m3/min, 0.8Mpa
8. Baking plate size: 470mm×325mm
9. Effective cutting size of wafer sheet: 455mm×315mm
10. Baking time: 90 seconds
11. Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 27.0m×2.0m×2.5m
12. Overall weight: About 19 tons
13. Number of operators: 4 (packing staff is not included)
14. Installation and testing staff: 2 people
15. Installation and testing time: 3 weeks
16. Shipping: 2×40' HQ container
17. Delivery time: Within 90 days after the advance payment is received.
18. Packing: Seaworthy packing that meets the container standard

Composition Devices
Featured Machine Supporting Machine
Name Baking oven Wafer sheet receiver Wafer cooling tower Sheet picking machine Wafer cream spreader Wafer vertical cooling cabinet Wafer sheet conveyor Wafer cutter and laminator Batter mixer Cream mixer Wafer smashing machine
Qty. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Quality Acceptance
This wafer production line is built to smoothly manufacture wafer biscuits, and the baked wafer has uniform color on the surface, and the finished product is coated with cream evenly and is cut straight. Our machines run steadily without generating any abnormal noise. On the other hand, the technical parameters conform with the predetermined specification, and the parameters can be used to determine the quality of our product. At the same time, the output and energy consumption are detected as well.

Production speed: 25 pieces per minute
1. 50g wafer: cream:biscuit=1:1, 5 slices of biscuit and 4 layers of coating, 4.0 tons/24 hours
2. 50g wafer: cream:biscuit=1.25:1, 5 slices of biscuit and 4 layers of coating, 4.5 tons/24 hours
3. 50g wafer: cream:biscuit=1.35:1, 5 slices of biscuit and 4 layers of coating, 4.7 tons/24 hours
4. 50g wafer: cream:biscuit=1.5:1, 5 slices of biscuit and 4 layers of coating, 5.0 tons/24 hours

Our company is a China-based 45 mould automatic wafer production line manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as Special-shape wafer biscuit production line, chocolate hazelnut ball production line, and soft wafer biscuit production line.

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