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27 Mould Automatic Flat Wafer Production Line

The 27 mould automatic flat wafer production line has the smallest production capacity among our products, and the specific value is 2.0 tons/24 hours. This product is very suitable for the clients that want to enlarge their business but don’t want to invest too much money.

Our production line takes up a little floor area, and it allows convenient assembly as well as disassembly. As for installation and testing, the configuration is not too complicated, and our machines can be put into production soon after they are installed. If testing is required before production, one week is usually enough. In addition, the transportation cost is affordable, and it is not a great burden to client.

Target Clients
1. Enterprise that comes into the flat wafer industry for the first time
2. Small sized factory

Influencing Factors
There is a requirement for the plant dimension due to the sizes of our machines, and the L×W is 30m×8m while the height should not be lower than 3.5m.

Aside from the plant size, there are some other influencing factors when purchasing this flat wafer production line, such as the requirement of production capacity, budget of the equipment, gas source, etc. The gas source means that in some countries, client needs to apply for the use of fuel gas, and the procedure is quite complicated.

1. Production capacity: 2.0 tons/24 hours, namely 18-20 pcs/min
2. Total power: 39.168kW and the power supply is 380V/50Hz. For electrically heated type, the total power is 120kW.
3. Rate of finished product: ≥98%
4. Fuel gas pressure: 0.25-3.5kg/cm2
5. Gas consumption: 13kg/hour for liquefied gas, and 20-30 cubic meters per hour for natural gas.
6. Combustion value: 8.4 for liquefied gas, and 4.7 for natural gas.
7. Compressed air consumption and pressure: 0.9m3/min, 0.8Mpa
8. Baking plate size: 470mm×325mm
9. Effective cutting size of wafer sheet: 455mm×315mm
10. Baking time: 90 seconds
11. Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 23.6m×2.0m×2.5m
12. Overall weight: About 15 tons
13. Number of operators: 4 (packing staff is not included)
14. Installation and testing staff: 2 people
15. Installation and testing time: 3 weeks
16. Shipping: 1×40' HQ container and 1×20' GP container
17. Delivery time: Within 90 days after the advance payment is received.
18. Packing: Seaworthy packing that meets the container standard

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