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45 Plates Tunnel Oven

45 plates tunnel oven has a metal structure, and the heat preservation property is very assuring. There is an observation window for each combustion zone to check the wafer sheet, and our product also has some other parts including batter feeding system, gas heating system, warning system for coal gas leakage, plate transmission and connecting devices, etc. Furthermore, the burner nozzle is made using novel design, and the energy saving combustion technology can make full use of combustion. Meanwhile, the temperature inside is quite even, and our product shows beautiful look.

Technical Parameters
1. Baking plate number: 45 pairs
2. Baking plate size: 470mm×325mm
3. Wafer sheet thickness range: 2.5mm-3.2mm
4. Wafer sheet thickness error: ±0.20mm
5. Temperature range: Room temperature to 180℃
6. Materials: The heat insulating material is silica insulation board, and GB steel bar and 45# cold drawn steel are applied to make the machine frame and guide rail, respectively. On the other hand, the cover, door and top cover are made of 304 stainless steel.

Electric Parts
1. This tunnel oven contains a 10.4" color touch screen which is originally manufactured by Mitsubishi, and the preset and actual temperatures are displayed and controlled. This screen can also display, control and adjust the plate running speed and batter feeding condition.
2. Motor: SEW, Germany
3. Bearing: SKF, France
4. Frequency converter: Delta
5. Size (L×W×H): 9000×1280×2400mm
6. Power: 11.2kW (150kW for electrically heated type)

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