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27 Plates Wafer Baking Oven

27 plates wafer baking oven has beautiful appearance, and the metal structure ensures good heat preservation effect. It is equipped with batter feeding system, gas heating system, warning system for coal gas leakage as well as plate transmission and connecting device. Meanwhile, observation window is set for every combustion zone for the purpose of wafer sheet inspection, and the burner nozzle is redesigned as well. The combustion technology shows high energy saving performance, and it greatly improves the utilization rate of combustion. In addition, the temperature inside the oven is quite even.

Technical Parameters
1. Baking plate number: 27 pairs
2. Baking plate size: 470mm×325mm
3. Wafer sheet thickness range: 2.5mm-3.2mm
4. Wafer sheet thickness error: ±0.20mm
5. Temperature range: Room temperature to 180℃
6. Materials: GB steel bar is used to make the machine frame, and 45# cold drawn steel is for the guide rail. The cover, door and top cover are made of 304 stainless steel, and the heat insulating material is silica insulation board.

Electric Parts
1. Our wafer baking oven has a 10.4" color touch screen which is supplied by Mitsubishi, and it can display and control the preset temperature, actual temperature, plate running speed as well as batter feeding condition.
2. Motor: SEW, Germany
3. Bearing: SKF, France
4. Frequency converter: Delta
5. Size (L×W×H): 5600×1280×2400mm
6. Power: 7.5kW (70kW for electrically heated type)

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