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51 Mould Fully Automatic Flat Wafer Line

Our 51 mould fully automatic flat wafer line is suitable for the clients that are familiar with wafer but haven’t manufactured wafer yet. These clients have abundant capital, and are planning to make wafer biscuits. For these clients, our 51 mould type is highly recommended, and its daily production output can reach up to 4.5 tons. At the beginning, the production capacity can be set at 2.0-3.0 tons per 24 hours to observe and check the production condition. Then, the production capacity can be increased depending on the production condition and marketing plan. This schedule can cut down the cost, and if there is an increase in the market demand, our machine is also capable.

Under the condition that the client has already set up a production line for wafer, and wants to enlarge the business to meet the market demand, large production capacity is preferred. On the other hand, if the existing biscuit line is planned to be transformed into flat water production line, large capacity is also required. For these two circumstances, our 51 mould type can well satisfy their requirements, and it is the perfect product for our clients.

Who should buy this product?
1. Experienced factory in this field
2. Medium sized enterprise
3. Client that has not produced wafer but quite familiar with wafer production machines

Influencing Elements
The L×W×H of the plant should be 60m×8m×(≥3.5m), and the cost, gas source and production capacity are also very important.

1. Production capacity: 4.5 tons/24 hours (28 pcs/min)
2. Total power: 42.868kW and the power supply is 380V/50Hz. The total power will be 200kW if it is electrically heated.
3. Rate of finished product: ≥98%
4. Fuel gas pressure: 0.25-3.5kg/cm2
5. Gas consumption: 27kg/hour for liquefied gas, and 35.4-38.4m3/hour for natural gas.
6. Combustion value: 8.4 for liquefied gas, and 4.7 for natural gas.
7. Compressed air consumption and pressure: 0.9m3/min, 0.8Mpa
8. Baking plate size: 470mm×325mm
9. Effective cutting size of wafer sheet: 455mm×315mm
10. Baking time: 90 seconds
11. Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 28.0m×2.0m×2.5m
12. Overall weight: About 21 tons
13. Number of operators: 4 (packing staff is not included)
14. Installation and testing staff: 2 people
15. Installation and testing time: 3 weeks
16. Shipping: 2×40' HQ container and 1×20' GP container
17. Delivery time: Within 90 days after the advance payment is received.
18. Packing: Seaworthy packing that meets the container standard

Composition Facilities
Featured Machine Supporting Machine
Name Baking oven Wafer sheet receiver Wafer cooling tower Sheet picking machine Wafer cream spreader Wafer vertical cooling cabinet Wafer sheet conveyor Wafer cutter and laminator Batter mixer Cream mixer Wafer smashing machine
Qty. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Quality Acceptance
This flat wafer line is designed for the smooth production of wafer biscuits, and the baked wafer has uniform color on the surface, and the finished product is coated with cream evenly and is cut straight. Our machine runs steadily without creating any abnormal noises. On the other hand, the technical parameters conform with the predetermined specification, and the parameters can be used to determine the quality of our product. At the same time, the output and energy consumption are detected as well.

Production speed: 28 pieces per minute
1. 50g wafer: cream:biscuit=1:1, 5 slices of biscuit and 4 layers of coating, 4.03 tons/24 hours
2. 50g wafer: cream:biscuit=1.25:1, 5 slices of biscuit and 4 layers of coating, 4.5 tons/24 hours
3. 50g wafer: cream:biscuit=1.35:1, 5 slices of biscuit and 4 layers of coating, 4.73 tons/24 hours
4. 50g wafer: cream:biscuit=1.5:1, 5 slices of biscuit and 4 layers of coating, 5.04 tons/24 hours

As a specialized 51 mould fully automatic flat wafer line manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides Special-shape wafer biscuit production line, soft wafer biscuit production line, 75 mould automatic wafer line equipment, and more.

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