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65 Mould Baking Oven

As the crucial machine for a wafer production line, we adopt this 65 mould baking oven. It is a hinge-with-bolt tunnel baking machine, and it can automatically finish the procedures of batter feeding, baking as well as discharging. It is equipped with a 10.4 inch color touch screen which is manufactured by Mitsubishi, and this screen can display and control many items, such as the preset temperature, actual temperature, plate running speed, batter feeding condition, working conditions of different motors, etc.

Technical Parameters
1. Baking plate number: 65 pairs
2. Baking plate size: 470mm×350mm (Each plate contains 21 pieces of soft wafer biscuit)
3. Soft wafer biscuit size (L×W×H): 80mm×50mm×12mm
4. Demoulding method: Automatic
5. Temperature range: Room temperature to 180℃
6. Machine size (L×W×H): 12.8m×1.9m×2.2m

Information for Components
No. Component Note No. Component Note
1 Machine frame Steel that meets GB standard 2 Rail 45# cold drawn steel
3 Mould and mould base 4 Motor and reducer SEW, Germany
5 Door Imported 304 stainless steel 6 Top cover Imported 304 stainless steel
7 Thermal insulation fiber Imported material 8 Frequency converter VLT by Danfoss
9 Touch screen Mitsubishi, Japan 10 Distribution box switch Schneider
11 Bearing (resistant to high temperature) SKF, Germany 12 Infrared temperature detector Raytek, America
Other Parts
No. Name Specification Note
1 Aseismatic pressure gauge YN-60, 0~0.6Mpa DongYa
2 Safety valve HSR-CHGBLYN SPG RANGE 12.5-20.0" WC Fisher Control
3 Fuel gas alarm XBF-01 Anye Gas Equipment
4 Ball valve 1-1/2"
5 Three-way valve DN40 16
6 Zero pressure valve A40Z-2
P1-3kpa P2-0 GAS-LPG
Aichi Tokei
7 Butterfly valve
8 Butterfly valve
9 Vortex blower XB-3000 2 pole 3kW Haoli
10 Pressure gauge 2000mmAQ/KPA OSAKA
11 Pressure gauge 2000mmAQ/KPA OSAKA
12 Solenoid valve VE4025A1004 220V-240VAC 20W Honeywell
13 Butterfly valve
14 Ball valve 1"
15 Motor EMC3000G9100 AC85-264V 14W
16 Butterfly valve
17 Solenoid valve VE4025A1004 220V-240VAC 20W Honeywell
18 Ball valve 1"
19 Igniter FULI LC-103
20 Burner nozzle
21 Ignition needle P-3C 3-needle type

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