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Biscuit Sheet Receiver

Biscuit sheet receiver is a supporting machine for the baking oven. After the wafer sheet finishes baking and automatically drops down from baking plate, this machine will receive and transfer the wafer sheet to the cooler. Meanwhile, there are brushes on top of its conveyor, and they are used to remove waste particle or batter that is exhausted from the vent hole of baking plate and sticking to the wafer.

Technical Parameters
1. Materials: The machine frame and shell are made of GB steel bar and 304 stainless steel, respectively.
2. Conveyor: Imported PU orange belt
3. Motor: SEW, Germany
4. Size (L×W×H): 1800×820×780mm
5. Power: 0.18kW

Related Names
Flat Waffle Catching Machine | Plate Wafer Transporting Device | Waffle Sheet Conveyer | Board Wafer Carrying Equipment

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