1. 33 Mould Baking Oven (Ball-Shape)It has beautiful look, and is equipped with batter feeding system, gas heating system, warning system for coal gas leakage as well as plate transmission and connecting devices. For the purpose of better inspection of the wafer, we set observation window for every combustion zone. Meanwhile, the burner nozzle adopts novel design, and the high energy saving combustion
    1. Wafer Biscuit Sheet ReceiverWafer biscuit sheet receiver is a supporting device for the baking oven, and it is used to receive wafer sheet that finishes automatic demoulding process inside the oven, and then it can deliver the sheet to the following machine.
    1. Cooling MachineThis cooling machine has a triangular shape, and it is used to carry wafer sheet. During transportation, the wafer is naturally cooled by air to lower the temperature, which prevents the biscuit from too crisp. As a result, the biscuit will not crack which is lead by pressing and collision during laminating process, and the product quality is guaranteed.
    1. Wafer ConveyorThis wafer conveyor is designed to transfer the wafer sheet into the humidifying cabinet.
    1. Wafer Humidifying CabinetThe wafer humidifying cabinet adjusts and ensures the uniform humidity of wafer, so the wafer won’t be too crisp which may lead to damage.
    1. Sheet Picking MachineThere are two photoelectric switches on top of the conveyor, one is on the left, and the other is on the right. They are used to detect the wafer sheet, and the tolerance grade can be set based on the practical application. If a wafer sheet misses corner, signal will be received, and the conveyor belt will descend automatically to deliver the broken wafer to the recycling container which is fixed under the conveyor.
    1. Wafer Cutting MachineThe wafer changes its moving direction from horizontal to vertical, and moves into the cutting channel. Then, the cylinder drives and raises the holding plate to stop the transportation of wafer, after the wafer stops at a proper position, the cutting blade is driven by the cylinder to cut the ball-shaped wafer in halves.
    1. Wafer Adjustable ConveyorThe wafer adjustable conveyor is designed to adjust the wafer which is cut into half-and-half by the cutting machine, and change its moving direction, then, the biscuits are transferred into the nuts feeding machine one by one.
    1. Nuts Feeding MachineWhen wafer moves into this nuts feeding machine, nuts are automatically sucked by our machine and injected into the spherical wafer.
    1. Wafer Coating Machine 1. Materials: The machine frame is made of GB steel, and the shell is made of 304 stainless steel.
      2. Motor and reducer: SEW, Germany
      3. Frequency converter: Danfoss
      4. PLC: Mitsubishi, Japan
    1. Blast CompressorThis blast compressor is installed after wafer coating machine, and the compressed air is used to slightly blow the spherical wafer coated with chocolate, so the chocolate won’t flow out of the biscuit. In addition, its power is 0.18kW.
    1. 6M Cooling Tunnel1. Size (L×W×H): 6000×1020×1020mm
      2. Refrigerating power: 20HP
      3. Power: 3.75kW
    1. Composite Regulating MachineBefore the wafer moves into our composite regulating machine, the robotic arm is open and static. Then, the first spherical wafer biscuit moves into the robotic arm followed by the second one, and PLC signal is received which is used to fold the arm. As a result, the two biscuits are connected with each other, and semi-finished product is produced.
    1. Wafer Biscuit Conveyor 1. Conveyor belt: Stainless steel wire mesh
      2. Size (L×W×H): 4000×620×820mm
      3. Power: 0.75kW
    1. Wafer Biscuit Cooling CabinetThe wafer is 35℃ before it is delivered into our wafer biscuit cooling cabinet, and the temperature inside our machine won't exceed 10℃ when the wire mesh is completely filled with biscuits. In addition, the temperature inside is almost the same.
    1. Wafer Cutter and SeparatorThis wafer cutter and separator can cut the chocolate-filled spherical wafer into single wafer biscuit with ball shape, and then the biscuits drop on the conveyor which can carry them to the following device. In addition, the scrap material can be recycled.
    1. Chocolate Wafer Distributing MachineOur chocolate wafer distributing machine is designed to transfer wafer strip to the following device in an ordered manner, and it can be connected with packing machine.
    1. Batter Mixer 1. Materials: The machine frame is made of steel that meets the GB standard, and the shell is made of 304 stainless steel.
      2. Motor: SEW, Germany
      3. Size (L×W×H): 1600×700×1500mm
      4. Power: 5.5kW
    1. Smashing Machine1. Materials: The frame is made of GB steel, and imported 304 stainless steel is adopted to manufacture the shell and body.
      2. Motor: SEW, Germany
      3. Size (L×W×H): 690×610×1250mm
      4. Power: 3.0kW
    1. Chocolate Storage BarrelAs indicated by its name, our chocolate storage barrel is mainly used to store chocolate, and it is equipped with stirring paddle to keep the mobility of chocolate. On the other hand, it has a 6 meter long thermal insulating pipe which can transfer chocolate to the coating head.

Chocolate Hazelnut Ball Production Line

Our chocolate hazelnut ball production line is designed and manufactured depending on the special requirement of wafer biscuit, and it is suitable for large company. Meanwhile, it can promote the market share, so we also recommend it to the clients that have flat wafer production line.

Technical Parameters
1. Production capacity: 10.0 tons/24 hours
2. Total power: 63.0kW (380V, 50Hz)
3. Demoulding rate: ≥98%
4. Gas consumption: 23kg/h for liquefied gas, and 20-30m3/h for air.
5. Baking plate size: 470mm×325mm
6. Baking time: 90 seconds
7. Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 46.5m×5.0m×2.5m
8. Total weight: About 20 tons

This 33 mould automatic wafer production line is designed according to the contemporary biscuit producing situation in China, and many world class wafer production lines in foreign countries are also taken into account as important reference. As a result, our product possesses unique baking oven, gas control system as well as PLC. In addition, the control panel offers direct and easy operation.

With no doubt, the most important machine for a full automatic wafer production line is the tunnel baking oven, and our oven shows outstanding performance.
1. We adopt many top level components, such as German SEW motor, French SKF bearing, German Schneider electric parts and switch, etc. Also, the PLC offers stable performance.
2. The combustion system takes advantage of our patented burner nozzle whose patent number is 2009201947728, and the unique energy saving design saves a lot of energy and reduces pollution as well.
3. 304 stainless steel is applied to produce the shell and parts that are in contact with food, and food grade PU belt is adopted. Thus, our product meets the Chinese standard and food hygiene standard.
4. The baking oven is reasonably arranged with compact structure and little floor area, and its body length is only 2/3 of similar product.
5. The oven features high level automation, and it can be operated independently. It allows easy operation and convenient maintenance.
6. The demoulding rate is high, and the rate of finished product is not lower than 98%.

Composition Facilities
No. Name Dimension L×W×H (mm) Power (kW) Qty.
1 33 mould baking oven (ball-shape) 6725×1560×2400 8.2 1
2 Wafer biscuit sheet receiver 1723 × 820 × 780 0.18 1
3 Cooling machine 1300 × 500 × 1300
4 Wafer conveyor 1630 × 620 × 820 0.18 1
5. Wafer humidifying cabinet 3700 × 1200 × 2380 7.5 1
6. Sheet picking machine 2000 × 860 × 1420 0.36 1
7 Wafer cutting machine 1500 × 620 × 820 0.18 1
8 Wafer adjustable conveyor 2000 × 620 × 820 0.18 1
9 Nuts feeding machine 2977 × 729 × 1590 1.1 1
10 Wafer coating machine 3200 × 1180 × 1420 1.5 1
11 Blast compressor
0.18 1
12 6M cooling tunnel 6000 × 1020 × 1020 3.75 1
13 Composite regulating machine 2800 × 620 × 820 0.55 1
14 Wafer biscuit conveyor 4000 × 620 × 820 0.75 1
15 Wafer biscuit cooling cabinet 7230 × 5700 × 2500 4.0kW for motor, and 20HP for refrigerating system. 1
16 Wafer cutter and separator 2650 × 1020 × 820 4.0 1
17 Chocolate wafer distributing machine 2000 × 1900 × 870 0.93 1
18 Batter mixer 1600×700×1500 5.5 1
19 Smashing machine 690 × 610 × 1250 3.0
20 Chocolate storage barrel 1200 × 900 × 1900 3.0 1

Quality Acceptance
This chocolate hazelnut ball production line is designed for the smooth production of wafer biscuits, and the baked wafer has uniform color on the surface while the finished product is coated with cream evenly and the cut is straight. Meanwhile, our machine runs steadily without any abnormal noises, and the technical parameters meet the specification. The parameters can be used to check the quality of our product, and the output and energy consumption are detected as well.

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