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Wafer Biscuit Cooling Tunnel

General Requirements
This E0539 wafer biscuit cooling tunnel is used to cool the soft wafer biscuit. The wafer is 35℃ before it moves into this product, and the temperature inside the machine should be 5-8℃ when the wire mesh is completely filled with biscuits. The temperature inside should be quite even, and the relative humidity is within 5%-6%. Meanwhile, water needs to be kept away from the supporting bracket and wire mesh.

On the other hand, there are also some hygiene requirements for our cooling tunnel. The bracket should be cleaned easily without any dead corners that are difficult for washing, and the wire mesh must be equipped with automatic washing device. In addition, there must be some other devices inside our produce, such as ozone generator and explosion-proof lamp.

1. Outer diameter of iron cage: 1850mm
2. Outer diameter of wire mesh: 3400mm
3. Wire mesh: The height is 150mm for each layer, and there are totally ten effective cooling layers. Its inlet and outlet height are about 730mm and 2230mm respectively, and its width is 625mm. The moving speed is 2-6m/min, and it is adjustable.
4. Heat insulation box: The L×W×H is 6000mm×4400mm×2400mm.
5. Length of inlet conveyor: 1000mm
6. Length of outlet conveyor: 500mm

Materials and Technological Requirements for Machine Frame
The material for the cooling tunnel frame is carbon steel, and it is coated with zinc. The zinc layer thickness is over 0.2mm which can avoid rusting problem if our machine serves under normal working condition.

On the other hand, the wire mesh conveying frame outside the heat insulation box uses 80×40 square tube which is produced through hot dip galvanizing process, so the frame and box have a uniform appearance. The machine frame must be welded completely, and then polished. For the places that are very hard for polishing, the welding seam must be smooth and continuous without any dead corners that difficult to clean. In addition, all the sharp corners should be chamfered and ground to prevent hurting people during cleaning.

Wire Mesh
Our plastic wire mesh is originally manufactured in Spain, and its color is white. It complies with Chinese food safety standard, and is odourless, non-toxic, resistant to freezing, abrasion, acid as well as alkali. Meanwhile, quality certificate for the wire mesh must be provided.

Heat Insulation Box
For its outer decorative plate, the color coated steel on two sides have different thickness, 1mm for the outer side and 0.6mm for the inner side, and the liner uses polyurethane foam. Meanwhile, the thermal insulating layer is 50mm thick, and the base is as thick as 80mm. This box must be well sealed, and water should not exist on the outer surface, especially for the connecting places of outer decorative plate. Additionally, there is a discharge port for cold water.

Drive Motor and Frequency Converter
The drive motor is supplied by a Chinese manufacturer, Foshan XG-transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. The power is above 2.2 kW, and it can be adjusted according to specific requirement. On the other hand, the frequency converter is provided by Siemens.

Control Units
The AC contactor and intermediate relay are originally produced by OMRON. 304 stainless steel with thickness of 1.5mm is used to make the control cabinet, and the wire connection inside should be in accordance with the EC standard.

Refrigeration Part
During working, the inside space of our cooling tunnel is maintained within 5-8℃, and the compressor should run normally within this temperature range. So, one set of MT100 refrigerator or two sets of 10HP Copeland refrigerator must be equipped. Meanwhile, the heat exchanger is installed inside, and Freon R22 is used as the refrigerant.

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