1. 33 Mould Baking Oven (Ladder-Shape)It is made of metal, and 304 stainless steel is also applied. Our product is equipped with batter feeding system, gas heating system, warning system for coal gas leakage as well as plate transmission and connecting devices, and it runs steadily without any unusual noise. On the other hand, there is an observation window for every combustion zone, and it is used to well detect the wafer sheet.
    1. 33 Mould Flat Baking OvenThere are many functional systems, such as batter feeding system, gas heating system, warning system for coal gas leakage, plate transmission and connecting devices, etc. Meanwhile, the burner nozzle is redesigned, and the new combustion technology saves energy and improves the combustion rate to a large extent.
    1. Biscuit Sheet ReceiverBiscuit sheet receiver is a supporting machine for the baking oven. After the wafer sheet finishes baking and automatically drops down from baking plate, this machine will receive and transfer the wafer sheet to the cooler. Meanwhile, there are brushes on top of its conveyor, and they are used to remove waste particle or batter that is exhausted from the vent hole of baking plate and sticking to the wafer.
    1. Wafer CoolerWafer cooler is a very necessary device for the whole production line. It can transfer wafer sheet, and the wafer is cooled by air naturally during transportation to lower the temperature. Due to the low temperature, the wafer won't be too crisp which will prevent the cracking problem caused by squeezing or collision during the lamination process. Thus, the quality of end product is ensured.
    1. Sheet Picking MachineThe sheet picking machine can work with the wafer shape auto detecting and removing function on or off. This detecting function is realized with the help of two photoelectric switches that are set on top of the conveyor, and they are installed on two sides, both left and right. The two switches are used to detect the wafer shape, and the tolerance can be adjusted according to specific requirement.
    1. Intermittent Sheet SupplierThe wafer sheets processed by oven 1 and oven 2 will be transferred into the picking machine according to the production flow, and our intermittent sheet supplier is used to control the entering sequence. The interval time can be preset.
    1. Wafer Humidifying CabinetThe wafer humidifying cabinet is able to adjust the humidity of wafer sheet, and the humidity is uniform. So, the wafer won’t be too crisp, otherwise it may be damaged.
    1. Sheet-Flying Cream Spreader (Two Colors)Materials: The machine frame is made of GB steel, and the shell is made of 304 stainless steel.
      Motor and reducer: SEW, Germany
      Control panel: Mitsubishi, Japan
      Frequency converter: VLT by Danfoss
    1. Inlet Conveyor of Cold CabinetOur inlet conveyor of cold cabinet is a piece of conveying equipment that is set before the rotary freezer, and it is used to deliver wafer.
    1. 100M Rotary FreezerBefore the wafer enters into our 100M rotary freezer, its temperature is 35°C. When the belt is entirely filled with wafer biscuits, the temperature inside our machine is lower than 10°C, and the temperature is quite even.
    1. Wafer Biscuit Reversing ConveyorAs indicated by its name, this wafer biscuit reversing conveyor can change the moving direction of cream-filled wafer to the opposite direction.
    1. Wafer Cutting Machine 1. Materials: The machine frame and shell are produced using GB steel and 304 stainless steel, respectively.
      2. Motor: SEW, Germany
      3. PLC: Siemens, Germany
      4. Switch: Schneider, Germany
    1. Biscuit Stacking MachineOur biscuit stacking machine is used to transfer wafer fingers to the following equipment in a well organized sequence, and it can be connected with packing machine.
    1. Battering MachineOur battering machine is equipped with control panel as well as automatic water control system, and it has two tanks including mixing tank and storing tank.
    1. Smashing Machine1. Materials: The frame is made of GB steel, and imported 304 stainless steel is used to produce the shell and body.
      2. Motor: SEW, Germany
      3. Size (L×W×H): 800×710×1000mm
      4. Power: 3.0kW

Special-shape Biscuit Production Line

This Special-shape biscuit production line is 33 mould type, and it is produced according to the actual condition of biscuit manufacturing industry in China. Meanwhile, we also refer to many famous wafer production lines in foreign countries. Generally speaking, the oven is specially designed, the PLC and fuel gas control system are adopted, and the operating panel allows easy and direct operation.

Technical Parameters
1. Production capacity: 10.0 tons/24 hours
2. Total power: 60kW and the power supply is 380V/50Hz.
3. Rate of finished product: ≥98%
4. Gas consumption: 23-25kg/hour for liquefied gas, and 20-30m3/hour for natural gas.
5. Baking plate size: 470mm×325mm
6. Baking time: 90 seconds
7. Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 51.4m×5.0m×2.4m
8. Weight: 24.5 tons

For a fully automatic wafer biscuit production line, the tunnel baking oven is the most important part, and our baking oven shows excellent performance.
1. The key parts are all supplied by world famous manufacturers. For example, German SEW motor, French SKF bearing, German Schneider switch and electric device, etc. The PLC is used to control the machine, and it offers stable performance.
2. The baking oven features reasonable arrangement, compact structure as well as little floor area, and its body length is only 2/3 of similar products.
3. High level automation is achieved, and the machine can be operated independently. The operation is easy, and the maintenance is very convenient.
4. The demoulding rate is high, and the rate of finished product can reach up to 98% or even higher.
5. The combustion system adopts our patented burner nozzle, and the patent number is 2009201947728. The unique energy saving design can save lots of energy, and the environmental pollution is also reduced to a large extent.
6. The shell and other parts that are in contact with food are made of 304 stainless steel, and the conveyor uses food grade PU belt. So, our product meets the national standard and food hygiene standard.

This wafer production line is a special product, and it is directly manufactured by us depending on the special requirements of clients. If flat wafer production line has already been built up by the factory, this product is also highly recommended because this specially designed machine can increase the market competitiveness. Meanwhile, this product is also suitable for large sized company.

Composition Facilities
No. Name Dimension L×W×H (mm) Power (kW) Qty.
1 33 mould baking oven (ladder-shape) 6725×1560×2400 8.2 1
1.1 33 mould flat baking oven 6725×1560×2400 8.2 1
2 Biscuit sheet receiver 1800×820×780 0.18 2
3 Wafer cooler 1250×500×1300 0 2
4 Sheet picking Machine 2500×860×1420 0.36 2
5 Intermittent sheet supplier 5100×620×820 0.36 2
6 Wafer sheet conveyor 1250×620×820 0.18 1
7 Wafer humidifying cabinet 3700×1000×2380 7.5 1
8 Wafer up and down conveyor 2000×620×820 0.18 1
9 Sheet-flying cream spreader (two colors) 12390×1180×1420 7.17 1
9.1 First-coating machine

9.2 Blast compressor

9.3 Second-coating machine

9.4 Sheet composite sorter

9.5 Pneumatic lamination machine

10 Inlet conveyor of cold cabinet 4000×620 0.75 1
11 100M rotary freezer 6000×4800×2500 4.0 1
12 Wafer overhead conveyor
0.75 1
13 Wafer biscuit reversing conveyor 2000×620×820 0.18 1
14 Wafer cutting machine 2200×1900×870 0.93 1
15 Biscuit stacking machine 2350×1200×786 0.36 1
16 Battering machine 1820×1200×1040 4.5 2
17 Smashing machine 800×710×1000 3 1

Quality Acceptance
This wafer production line is designed for the smooth production of wafer biscuits, and the baked wafer has uniform color on the surface while the finished product is coated with cream evenly. Meanwhile, our machine runs steadily without any abnormal noises, and the technical parameters meet the specification. The parameters can be used to check the quality of our product, and the output and energy consumption are detected as well.

Our company is a specialized Special-shape wafer biscuit production line manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including soft wafer biscuit production line, flat wafer production line, chocolate hazelnut ball production line, and more.

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