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Sheet-Flying Cream Spreader (Two Colors)

The sheet-flying cream spreader is used to fill chocolate inside the ladder-shaped slot on the wafer surface, and two-layered coating is realized. The filling process is controlled by PLC, and the action is very steady.

Other involved equipment is listed as follows: first-coating machine, blast compressor, second-coating machine, sheet composite sorter and pneumatic lamination machine.

Technical Parameters
1. Materials: The machine frame is made of GB steel, and the shell is made of 304 stainless steel.
2. Motor and reducer: SEW, Germany
3. Control panel: Mitsubishi, Japan
4. Frequency converter: VLT by Danfoss
5. Switch: Schneider, Germany
6. Size (L×W×H): 12390×1180×1420mm
7. Power: 7.17kW

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Double-deck Cream Coating Machine | Cream Daubing Device Have Two Layers | Bilayer Cream Smearing Device | Cream Painting Equipment with Double Layer

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